Jun 18

Web hosting basics

By Kevin Eckley | Hosting Service , Web Hosting

Even though there are free tutorials for almost any internet programs, people still don’t know the basics of World Wide Web. The work in practice is more appreciated that the knowledge of the theory of internet basics. At Ro Web Host we value experienced internet users, but we must teach everyone that want to know as much as we can about web hosting and the theory of web hosting as well. Therefore, sit back and relax while we are taking you to the road of web hosting basics. I hope you’ll enjoy.
Microsoft-cloud-transformationWeb hosting is a service which gives customers space on servers to put it on their web sites that will be available on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Servers are powerful computers with large storage space on your hard drive or set of hard drives. This space is issued to those who are interested in their web site to be presented on the Internet. Each server on the Internet has its unique numbered IP (internet protocol) address.
Web-server-network-web-600x400If users want to see some web page, it must be published, and the site must be placed on the web server. Your PC can be used as a server if it is connected to the network, but it is common for this task for you to choose the specialized hosting provider that will put your website on your web server and so on will be available to all users at all times. Service of web and mail hosting involves setting up web pages on the web servers, creating your e – mail addresses and mailboxes, databases, installing specific applications, traffic statistics, etc. Hosting services provide a home or accommodation sites and make them permanently available on the Internet. choice-hostOne of the basic preconditions for the presence on the Internet is set up of web sites on web servers. Make a choice according to your needs. There is a wide range of hosting services, and which you choose depends on your needs.
For the less-visited websites, such as personal presentation, the beginners will have a free or very cheap hosting service that is quite limited by the speed of data transfer, disk space, additional services, and may be sponsored by advertisements. Users with larger needs such as firms, companies, institutions and so on will choose the advanced package of services that will allow them greater reliability and efficiency. Such users need to pay attention to the amount of disk space, access speed offered by the network provider, the reliability and power of their hardware, and how the web site will be safe from the various attacks.

Apart from these, there are basic and special technical requirements such as making daily backups support for the use of various databases, etc… It is common that the package also includes e-mail service in which price range is influenced by various factors, how many e-mail addresses you need, whether you use a web-mail, file inbox, protection against spam, etc.

Jun 17

The importance of web hosting

By Kevin Eckley | Business , Web Hosting

If you are a business owner and your business depends on the internet sale and online presentation, then you must have heard about web hosting. Many people still don’t understand in fully this term and don’t know why is it so important. In this article, we are going to display you some facts related to web hosting and help you understand it better.
What web hosting represents?
ist2_5618691-computer-networkTo clarify it better, we are going to use a simple example. Imagine you have some items to sell, you have the best price and quality on the market, and now you need to show them to your potential buyers, but you lack the space or exhibition room. You will need to rent a space, a place for presentation. When we transfer this analogy to web hosting, we get that that your website is the items you wish to sell and that web hosting is the exhibition room. Since the website is made of a collection of files and you want more people to see it, you will rent space on the internet and provide them that.
But why is the web hosting so important?
Apart from placing your web page online, there are few more crucial factors business owners need to consider when they are choosing where to host their website.
Web hosting may affect the speed of your web page
zfyhubDepending on your needs, you can find several types of web hosting. Many people find the solution in the cheapest one, called “Shared Hosting”, but that can be tricky. It means that the files of your website are located on the same server as the files of many other companies. You altogether share the resources of that one serves. If one web page goes crazy with traffic, everyone else gets a lesser amount of recourse which means slow.
iStock_000041476402_Large-330x220For example, one, video production in Austin, Texas, company used shared hosting, which resulted in slowing down their traffic, so they had to transfer on VPN. In other words, you will need a hosting that is fast and reliable, if you don’t have a good hosting, you can’t expect to make progress on the market.
Security is important
It is an another relevant issue; some hosts are more subjected to the attacks than others. If you have a hosting with a good company, then their security protocols should be strong to reject attacks on your web page. It is a something you should reconsider when you are making a decision related to purchase.
Web hosting is connected with SEO
For most business owner ranking on the Google, is really important. Speed, as we mentioned before, is significant. If someone makes a mistake in a search and ends up on your web page, but leaves after 15 seconds, it will send feedback to Google that you are irrelevant.

Or if you have shared hosting and you are on the same server with websites that are connected to porn or gambling, but you don’t know that Google may blacklist your IP address.
How much does the web host costs?
For the shared hosting the price is between $5 – $10 per month, VPS hosting are more expensive, and they go between $30 – $150 per month.

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